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This is a screenshot of late Venezuela President Hugo Chávez, and on September 20, 2006 he compared U.S. President George W. Bush to the devil because of something he horrifically witnessed.
“The devil himself is home,” said Chávez, while delivering an address at the United Nations General Assembly.
Delegates chuckled. They thought Chávez was joking. But Chávez was not joking. He was serious. Chávez continued.
“[But] yesterday, the devil came here,” insisted Chávez (see source 1). “Yesterday, the devil was here.”
Chávez, who was a Catholic and intended at one time to become a priest (see source 2), then crossed himself.
“In this very place, it smells of sulfur, here at this podium, where I am to speak,” the Venezuelan President said. “Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this very podium, Mr. President of the United States, who I call the devil, came here and spoke as though he were the owner of the world.”
Chávez (1954-2013) labeled then-President Bush “as the mouthpiece of imperialism” who had come “to give us his recipes to try to maintain the current scheme of domination, exploitation, and looting the people of the world.”
Chávez said President Bush’s foreign policy plot would be perfect for an Alfred Hitchock movie. “In fact I would give it the title ‘The Devil’s Recipe,’” he said.
Many of us who heard about Chávez’s speech more than 12 years ago merely thought he was just the leader of a South American country who was antagonizing, disrespecting and symbolically mocking Bush.
But Chávez was being literal, according to Steve Quayle, a Christian radio host, filmmaker and published book author.
Before Chávez delivered his speech to the U.N. that day the Venezuelan leader witnessed an evil and diabolical ritual that occurred under the Vatican.
“A four-star general is there during the ceremony,” Quayle related. “All the world’s leaders were there. When a live giant came and ate a live baby and they all gave their shouts of praise. Only two men ran out of there —one was a four-star general and one was Hugo Chávez.”
Quayle continued: “Most people don’t realize that Chávez, and I’m not condoning anything he did or didn’t do, but when he went before the United Nations and said ‘I tell you the devil is in this place,’ that’s what he was referring to, and that was told to me by an active duty four-star general in Special Operations.”
Quayle related this incident to Sheila Zilinsky and her listeners at the end of this January 7, 2018 podcast (see source 3), which was posted on May 20, 2019.
We don’t know what other world leaders attended this ceremony and if then-President Bush was among them.
Before dismissing whether child sacrifices occur under the Vatican, please know that Kevin Annett has reported, during his journalism career, that such rituals occur under the Vatican regularly.