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I have been wavering over the theme of this article for the past few days. After seeing the twists and turns of the protests and riots, it came to me as I was watching yesterday’s “peaceful protest” on the north side of Chicago; literally thousands of people of every race taking over the streets arm in arm, unified. Similar protests with all the races coming together are taking place across the globe. We know too well the trigger that sparked these protests and that is not what we are discussing here today. Instead we are exploring the underlying common thread that is helping to unify the people, and that is Donald Trump.

   Donald Trump, in his infinite (yet “very stable”) genius, has positioned himself as the Scapegoat of Azazel, which has unified the masses and is blurring the psychological constructs and limitations of diversity. We are witnessing in real time the shattering of the illusion of separateness on the grandest of scales. The imaginary dividing lines of skin color, economics, and politics are getting blurred by this movement and will soon be completely erased as the veil is lifted.

The media is focusing on images of the looting, as well as people open carrying firearms to protect their local businesses from being robbed or torched. Please understand that these images are being repeated ad nauseum in an attempt to keep the masses polarized against each other. This is a psychological trick akin to marketing. There will always be people that are extremely polarized to one side of an issue or another, but they are the exception to the rule! The mass of humanity joining arms, united in spite of the phony boundaries created to divide us, is the only real story here. While for some it may be a bitter pill to swallow, we have Donald Trump to thank for bringing us together.

-Farmer Bob