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Upon waking this morning, I felt the strong urge to pull a Tarot card. Now you may be thinking: “But Farmer Bob, aren’t Tarot cards simply woo?” or “Tarot cards are evil and create an environment for demonic possession!!” These notions are half-truths and beyond our discussion today, however the answer ultimately depends on the intent of the user. 

   Here we look at Tarot cards as directly observable projections of our consciousness; as a tool to provide insights into our own personal reality via a mechanism known as conceptual blending (“The Essential Tarot,” Pitisci 2015). This works by taking samples of random stimulus and combining those elements into a unique narrative. Since the symbols in the Tarot are associated with aspects of the human psyche, these narratives become highly personalized and seemingly prophetic.

   Some days I like to do a full Tarot spread, and sometimes I pull a single card. I often start with the intent to pull a single card but end up wanting more color, so keep pulling only to find myself an hour later looking at a full spread. This morning I pulled the Nine of Cups and was so thrilled I did not want to mess it up by pulling more cards and over analyzing the result. 

   The Tarot deck consists of two sections, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. These sections can be broken down even further. For example, looking at this from a Quabalistic perspective the Minor Arcana would represent the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life while the Major Arcana would be the pathways that connect the Sephiroth, but I digress…

   The Nine of Cups represents Happiness (we can go real deep here, but the short version is that we are looking at Yesod in Briah due to the correspondence of Jupiter in Pisces).  Based on current events, we could all collectively use some Happiness right about now. What can we do today that will bring us Happiness? As you can see from the image on the card, the cups are not just full, but overflowing. This tells me that if we provide a little bit of Happiness to those around us it will have a domino effect, and one by one the negative emotions will begin to lift. By lifting up those around us, we lift ourselves as well. Today is the best day to start! Find Happiness in providing some to those around you, and you will see this ripple-effect happen quickly! Today is the day!!

-Farmer Bob