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By now everyone who might potentially read this article has heard the term, “Black Lives Matter,” and most likely also has a substantial impression as to what this phrase means. As slogans like this gain traction in mainstream culture, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as if in some sort of personal defense against black magic. Before we begin, let’s first  stipulate this – I am not disparaging or diminishing the societal ills that have fallen upon my brothers and sisters of African descent, nor their struggles for equality. It is certainly true that some people have been disadvantaged and gamed in order to achieve results which benefit the manipulators.

Behavioral responses based on skin color, economic status, political affiliations, sexual identity, etc. are man-made constructs designed to separate and divide us as Humans. They are learned perceptions that are not present in nature. These dividing lines appear real only because we give them real power. It is easy to manipulate and divide people based on coarse observations such as what is in the bank account or the melanin levels in the skin; the manipulators know this and use it for their own benefit, to maintain and increase their power.

If we continue to focus on these superficial dividing lines we will never evolve out of the current state of affairs, but once we begin to focus on our similarities instead of our differences the manipulators will begin to lose power. Everybody has heard the term divide and conquer; that strategy has been employed for centuries against the citizenry because it works. The only way to combat it effectively is to turn off the electronic hypnotic brainwash boxes (TV, Social Media, etc.) and start focusing on our similarities instead of our differences.

The catchphrase “Black Lives Matter” is an example of neuro-linguistic programming designed to reinforce separation. The pat response “All Lives Matter” is designed to simply negate the former and instigate further separation. Anyone who is truly about transcending these false paradigms needs to do away with these slogans completely. The answer why lies deep within the rabbit hole.

If you have even a basic understanding of Hermetic Philosophy, the following will become clear quickly. If these concepts are new to you then I would recommend looking into The Emerald Tablet of Thoth, and The Kybalion by the Three Initiates for a better understanding.

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.” – The Kybalion

In a nutshell everything that we see, everything we do, and everything that we have ever experienced is a projection of our consciousness. When our individual consciousnesses overlap, these projections, or manifestations, also overlap. Due to the extremely narrow frequency range that we are able to experience as Humans, these manifestations tend to take on very similar characteristics which become known as the Commons. Our sensory observation of the Commons, which can be discussed, described, and generally agreed upon with other “individuals” is then known as the “Common Sense.” Anyone who has the ability to shape the Common Sense of the masses would wield incredible power.

When you see these new Slogans or Mantras sneak their way into the lexicon and you observe a resulting shift in human behavior, it is because of outside manipulation. Repeating a Mantra over and over moves the message from ones conscious thoughts into the subconscious, and once a notion takes a foothold in the subconscious it then makes its way into reality. This is a problem when the Mantra has multiple meanings because the subconscious works on a different level than the waking conscious. The issue with a mantra such as “Black Lives Matter” is that the actual words of the slogan do not mean what is interpreted in the surface interpretation of the Commons, and here lies the trickery.

Black – absolutely dark, absorbing all light

Lives – having life, not dead

Matter – substance of which some specific object is or may be composed   

You will notice that it has no correlation to “Humans from African Lineages are Significant,” or anything of the sort. In fact, the proper interpretation is rather creepy. A specific object that is alive and not dead, which absorbs all light. Could it be that this mantra is being used to manifest something “evil” instead of promoting the equality it espouses on the surface?

As I mentioned us Humans are only able to experience and enjoy the narrowest of frequency bands. We observe these waves of light by projecting an electro-magnetic field (thought) which rearranges the electrons and photons and atoms into our observable reality. While we like to think that this observable reality is the end-all-be-all, it is in fact a mere sliver of the entire reality. A way to reconcile this in the mind is to think of radio waves. While impossible to observe as-is, when using the proper tool one can observe the broad spectrum of radio waves. It is not then too far of a stretch to consider the possibility that there are organisms occupying the exact same space as us, concurrently, with no observation or knowledge of each other. It is also then not too far to consider that certain individuals can observe a wider frequency band than other humans, and that scientists would likely have developed tools which send and receive messages into these otherwise unobservable frequency bands, similar to the way a radio works.

The question then is why would anyone want to do this sort of thing? Alice Bailey explains it quite thoroughly in her book, “The Externalization of the Hierarchy” (1957), essentially stating that Humans are undisciplined and are irresponsible with their use of free will. All life on Earth, including that of the Hierarchy (the Beings who are liberated from form and reside outside of our observable frequency band) are greatly affected by Human behavior. This Hierarchy apparently is displeased that us hairless-apes were able to attain objective understanding of the self / free will. (We can explore at another time whether this understanding was given to Humans as a gift or if it was something that Humans attained through spiritual evolution.) This Hierarchy, whether Demons, Vril, Nephilim, or something else, for some reason no longer has form nor is observable on this plane. They are bound by rules which, according to Bailey, were broken during the humanitarian crisis known as World War 2. In the years leading up to the war humanity was given all of the spiritual tools necessary to evolve and avoid mass carnage, but somehow we messed it all up and went to war. The sheer amount of suffering and death over such a short period of time tore the veil between what we consider the physical reality and what esotericists have termed the Astral Plane. The tearing of this veil helped create the environment that paving the way for these entities to come to realization. As the lines of communication became more “user friendly,” a great volume of knowledge has been passed between these entities and their disciples and aspirants who are helping tor bring about this externalization. The disciples and aspirants receive hidden knowledge (advanced psychology) that they use to attain money and power for themselves while they work towards achieving the externalization. It is the ultimate quid pro quo – they are selling out all of humanity in order to gain favor for their lineage and essentially get a front row seat to the apocalypse.

All is not lost! People are waking from their hypnotically induced slumber at an accelerated rate! The good news is that this is an easy (and yet extremely difficult) war for us to win, because this is a war for our minds. All the bullets in the world will not win this war! Remember EVERYTHING is mental, so the best place to start is to literally cut off your access to all media (TV, Newspapers, Radio, Social Media, Movies, Popular Music). You do not need to be told what to think and you do not want to get tricked into submission by absorbing any more predictive programming. Instead, work on teaching yourself HOW to think. Do this by meditating frequently, learning a new skill or craft, and volunteering to help people. Family is a great place to start. Once you begin to work on yourself, you will soon recognize the power these spells had over your thoughts, emotions, and actions and you are not going to want to give it back. Be alert when selecting volunteer opportunities. For instance, Civil Rights is noble cause but only if it is being discussed in a way that uplifts All People, not just a specific group that is delineated by artificial constructs. The recent protests are designed to highlight people’s differences not their similarities, and therefore they are divisive and a part of the spell that we are trying to break. The slogans and mantras are divisive and are also a part of this spell. Even the black square that many posted on social media is divisive and part of the spell as it is symbolism for the black mirror used in scrying. Instead of promoting these dividing lines and focusing on the negativity, make a conscious effort to focus on the similarities. We are Human! We all literally breathe the same air, the exact same air that our ancestors breathed, and that which our descendants will breathe always and forever! When you focus your energy on beauty and abundance, you will attain beauty and abundance! If you do need a new mantra, perhaps a more suitable one could be simply “MATTER,” because matter only truly exists when you will it into existence with your thoughts.


THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.The Kybalion

-Farmer Bob