The MEN OF RENOWN, the mighty Men of old were on the Earth in those days. FIRST WORLD – Global Monolithic Monument builders. ATLAS, a Powerful Titan, was the Commander of the Armies in the quarrel against the Olympian gods. The Titan Army was defeated and thrown into Tartarus. Tartarus is only mentioned ONCE in Scripture. Tartarus is also considered a primordial force or deity along side such deities as the Earth, Night (Moon) and Time (Tick Tock). Zeus (Olympian god) origins in the Empire of Greece, Reserved a special punishment (Q) for ATLAS (the World) the Titan would have to hold all the Sky’s weight on his back (Trump) and sustain the sky’s vault. Then Hercules the Son of Zeus Created two great Pillars (Freemasonry Pillars) that could sustain the weight of the Sky. THE OLD WORLD gone in a Earth shattering MUDFLOOD THE RESET!!! The Titans were the ones who taught the TARTAR’s! Tartary was a MASSIVE EMPIRE we were never told about! Wonder Why? The Olympians were their enemy – Seed of Cain? The Greek Empire was destroyed THE OLYMPIC GAMES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED! TRUMP is holding the weight of the World on his shoulders because if America falls we all fall, as the World/ATLAS is connected. Q has stated there is a very special place reserved for George Soros, it won’t be Tartarus, it is HADES in the Greek and HELL in English. Buckle Up CRONOS is stuffed. YOU ARE WITNESSING THE ERADICATION OF THE OLD GUARD holding up the World with their LIES and DECEPTIONS. APOCALYPSE – Means the UNVEILING of TRUTH DARK to LIGHT.