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Emotional appeal

The root of all evil. Strong beginnings, or outlandish claims? Let’s examine the evidence. On my priority list of proofs is our main list of logical fallacies. To continue beyond this would be an exercise in futility. Yet,...

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Canaanite – Jesuit connection

Today we visit back again with our enemies the Canaanites and we expose them for the parasites they are.  Don’t miss this series of short films, they will expose you to the path of truth. Jesuits; Exposed. Canaanites...

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Curse of Canaan

Another look at the ‘Curse of Canaan’ saga, the beginning of evil through the perversions and debauchery of Ham, son of Noah. Strap in for this one and get your popcorn.  ...

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The First Sin After Flood

Recognizing the enemy, their past, and their occurances through out history will no doubt better prepare you for what they have in store for us. This short film familirizes with the source and its results. Make no mistake. This...

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New series of short films

How’s everyone doing out there? My Aussies resisting and putting up a fight I bet. As you all know we’ve been banned from FB, so it’s time to turn it up. I have been in deep study mode and am currently working...

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