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Military air craft TR-3B

Fiona asked me to post this. Quick overview and reminder, the military is typically 45 years ahead of anything we know on the surface. This seems advanced but if your reading this, its already 45 years...

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By now everyone who might potentially read this article has heard the term, “Black Lives Matter,” and most likely also has a substantial impression as to what this phrase means. As slogans like this gain traction in mainstream...

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The Nine of Cups.

Upon waking this morning, I felt the strong urge to pull a Tarot card. Now you may be thinking: “But Farmer Bob, aren’t Tarot cards simply woo?” or “Tarot cards are evil and create an environment for demonic possession!!” These...

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Donald Trump, the Great Unifier.

I have been wavering over the theme of this article for the past few days. After seeing the twists and turns of the protests and riots, it came to me as I was watching yesterday’s “peaceful protest” on the north side of Chicago;...

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The MEN OF RENOWN, the mighty Men of old were on the Earth in those days. FIRST WORLD – Global Monolithic Monument builders. ATLAS, a Powerful Titan, was the Commander of the Armies in the quarrel against the Olympian...

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