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The most important book next to the Holy Bible you will ever read. The information contained herein are applicable, learnable, and easy to deploy. Once you learn to communicate within yourself, to seek anwers within yourself, to connect to the astral plane hidden within the subconscious. You wil become the master and creator of the reality around you. No longer will you be a victim of life.

The exact steps to making this connection are in the confines of the text in this very important yet, ordinary looking piece of literature from a time long ago. The appeal to novelty has no strength here, newer does not mean better. You want to talk about a vetted Primary source, this is my “Piece La Resitance”. The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing is so powerful in its function that I scanned and uploaded it via pdf. To share it with all of you to answer the questions I see often on Fiona McMurdo Official group page.

Keywords like; Meditation, Matrix, Consciousness, Ascension, Lucid Dream, Astral Plane, the how to connect to the collective whole, its all in here. I’m not sure you will actually find the words in the book, but the answers are certainly there.

How can I place so much weight on a single object? Had I not been on the path to enlightment since knee high to a grasshopper, I would of never discovered this instruction manual. Because that’s what this book is. This is the difinitive manual for how to connect to the great, to program your reality, and manifest your will. This is the Kuji-In of the modern era.

I have used this book to recover from every ailment in record time. In my days and in my fails, I’ve tried many a remedy. None, have compared to the power of the “energized mind”. I’m so excited to give you the run in for this juicy content. Enjoy!

In the pages of this book you will see the easy, natural, step-by-step way, to release the miracle power for healing and a fuller life that slumbers within you. With specific technique designed to cure illness, relieve any injuries, increase your energy level a thousandfold, and protect yourself and your loved ones, the author shows how you can now begin to enjoy the happiness and security necessary for truly healthful living.

Evelyn M. Monahan

Writer, The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing


Looking for a good book? Want to learn to meditate the correct way? Interested in manifesting reality to your specifications?

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