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This saturdays episode I will be continuing the Tartary connections with the Q-celts and possible ties with the Qanon movement. Ben has dug up more gold, and we know now that Thomas Jefferson took inspiration directly from the ideas of the mongols [tartars] and djenghis khan to lay the basic philosophical structure for the Declaration of Independence. Yes, you read it correctly. The philosophy of freedom comes from Great Tartary – and it interested Jefferson greatly – as well as Benjamin Franklin. The Khan was known for a specific type of military communication as well, something which also interested other US officials (info will be disclosed in the episode), and these men all were outspoken anti-communists. They were moved out of office for that reason [MIKE FLYNN FBI STYLE]. This military communication consisted of highly specific codes in …. ARTWORKS. 

The Khan was known for using OLD WORLD MEMES to communicate military orders. You are still reading it correctly. And as with many other names, fx as Pequin [Peking], the Khans spelling -> Q was revised to K. But the Qahan lives! Q-celtic. I will give you a little teaser from the picture posted; “The Qahan … was a shamanist and he treated every mongol equally”. POTUS SS Codename = MOGUL (derived from Monghul/Mongol/Mugal – from the Kingdom of Mogol founded by Babar the Grandson of Djenghis Qahan).
Evangelion (Gr.) = Good news of military victory.
As we know, Egypt is in reality Old America [Tartary/Scythia] – plague of Frogs [KEK]?
Egyptian Frog God of Chaos? Soldiers of the Great Dragon [Saturn Guarding the Gold]? MEMBER?
>>>BIG<<< things have gone DOWN.

“What a beautiful black sky”
Mike Flynn’s poem is the same manner in which Djenghis Qhan communicated secretly to his soldiers.

Victor Bugge

Researcher, The Buggeman


In a time long ago, on the very land you stand, stood men of lore. The fables that make modern day myths have a source after all. Like Gargantua and of Pantagruel, these monsters existed beyond the minds of men.

This just keeps getting better… The Tartarian Philosopher episode is coming up this weekend. Tune in LIVE TOMORROW SATURDAY to Radio Tartary at Revolution Radio 2 – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time or 20 – 22 PM Central European Time;…

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