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Hutchison Effect

John Hutchison’s life changed drastically in 1979 when, upon starting up an array of high-voltage equipment, he felt something hit his shoulder. He threw the piece of metal back to where it seemed to have originated, and it flew up and hit him again. This was how he originally discovered fundamental frequencies can shield gravity.

John Hutchison is one of the formost Nikola Tesla experts alive today. He has replicated many of Nikola Tesla’s works over the years, including the Death Ray, and a smaller Philadelphia Experiment.


Scalar waves, longitudinal waves, standing waves, electromagnetic waves.  


In the 1860’s the Scottish Physicist , James Clerk Maxwell , combined the then known electrical and magnetic laws of Faraday, Gaus, Ampere and Coulomb into a set of equations, more specifically vector equations , for the propagation of Electromagnetic Radiation , later and to this day known as ‘Maxwell’s Equations’ of Electromagnetic Radiation . For those not schooled in the rigors of vector calculus, a simple plain english re-statement can be summarized by the following 3 statements which are all equal and all apply simultaneously : 1 An AC or Alternating Electric Field produces an Alternating Magnetic Field . 2 An AC Alternating Magnetic Field produces an Alternating Electric Field 3 These 2 fields have maximum regeneration effects when they are at 90degrees [right angles] to each other or are the vector Cross Product . The cross product portion is most overlooked by the un schooled in vector calculus, and means that the interaction , propagation, the regeneration of the 2 fields by each other is maximum when the two fields are 90 degrees to each other or the SIN of the angle between them is 1 , as SIN 90 or PI/2 = 1 . For this reason it should be pointed out that any antenna where the two fields are not held at right angles is a compromise on it’s maximum capability of propagation . A visual representation of this is the area of a Parallelogram , it is maximum for the Parallelogram as it approaches a Rectangle having right angle sides , so does the regeneration of the Electric and Magnetic fields . So make up all the stories you want about an Inverted Vee, for a given location, height and conditions it is a compromise over a dipole ! So if you have the space, why compromise !!

Recent conversations with Skip the Radio Guy gave us a great synopsis of a very important subject. I went fringe on him and he went cold. I am pursuing him on information in other subjects because his Rhetoric is on point.

Creation of a needle of longitudinally polarized light in vacuum using binary optics.

Recently many ideas have been proposed for the use of a longitudinal field for particle acceleration, fluorescent imaging, second-harmonic generation and Raman spectroscopy. A few methods to enhance the longitudinal field component have been suggested, but all have insufficient optical efficiency and non-uniform axial field strength. Here we report a new method that permits the combination of very unusual properties of light in the focal region, permitting the creation of a ‘pure’ longitudinal light beam with subdiffraction beam size (0.43λ). This beam is non-diffracting; that is, it propagates without divergence over a long distance (of about 4λ) in free space. This is achieved by focusing a radially polarized Bessel–Gaussian beam with a combination of a binary-phase optical element and a high-numerical-aperture lens. This binary optics works as a special polarization filter enhancing the longitudinal component.

Model of Electromagnetic Fields

This is a model of an electromagnetic field in space-time. It can be used to help demystify electromagnetism and special relativity. The central stem is the path of a single charged particle through time (the up direction). The slope and density of the surfaces give an integrated measure of both its electric and magnetic fields at each point in space-time as determined by Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism. For a single charged particle, the relationship between the electric and magnetic components of the field can be pictured directly. The image might express the essence of a fundamental physical theory better than any other image. For more complete discussion see American Journal of Physics, pg871, 1963 and Physical Review pg616, 1960.

To understand the model, imagine a charged particle as a tiny sphere bristling with machine guns, each shooting out a continuous stream of bullets. Each bullet moves outward in a straight line at the speed of light. The number of guns is extremely large and proportional to the charge of the particle.

For a stationary particle the streams will form straight lines pointing outward from the particle. The lines becomes less dense moving away from the particle according to the inverse square law. The streams then represent a static electric field of the particle.

If the particle is accelerated the density and direction of the streams still accurately represent its electric field in the Maxwell theory. Its magnetic field is represented by lateral motion of the streams. In the above space-time picture, the streams sweep out surfaces which represent the integrated electromagnetic field.

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